A paper that understands the
pleasure in reading.

Pólen® Natural is a paper that was born for books. Its unique treatment results in an off-white color paper that reflects less light and provides a longer and pleasant reading experience. A sensory experience that brings greater comfort to the eyes, is soft to touch and enhances the end product with a beautiful finish.

Features of paper
Pólen® Natural

Paper Pólen® Natural has no OBA (Optical Brighteners Agent). It isproduced with technology that does not require thesetypes of additives and reduces the quantity of
chemicals in the end product.

Other highlights:

Greater color density (uses less ink while printing)
High quality printing
More uniform printing
Less transparency for better reading

Available in:



70 g
80 g

Closer to
our nature.

We plant and cultivate trees. We transform this renewable raw material into innovative and sustainable bioproducts that are part of the lives of 2 billion people. We develop a wide range of materials from our planted trees, making the products that reach the stores and shelves around the world more sustainable.
Sustainability is an important chapter in our evolution. And we make a point to convey this story to other people, other companies and other generations.